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Preparing & Tagging items ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

ALL Items must be completely sales floor ready at check in / drop off 

  • Freshly Launder- clothing and textiles 

  • 100% functioning and include all parts

  • Working batteries in all electronic items

  • Non - clothing clean and free of debris 

  • Sellers must check for recalls at

  • Supplies Needed :

  • *Hangers 

  • *Large safety pins or fine tagging gun 

  • *Clear Zip lock bags 

  • *Scissors

  • *Batteries 

  • *Zip ties 

  • *Clear packing tape / painters tape

  • *Computer with internet access & printer *White cardstock paper

  • ( white only) 

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Preparing clothing items 

Hanger Position 

  1. Freshly launder all clothing 

  2. Fasten all snaps, buttons, zippers 

  3. All clothes must be hung 

Preparing Shoes 

  1. Clean all shoes. Sneakers and cleats can go in washing machine. Magic erasers and Clorox wipes work well.

  2. Zip Tie together ( NO shoes in Bags) 

  3. Discard shoe boxes unless new in box, should still be zip tied together. Place tag on shoes, NOT THE BOX. 

  4. Tie shoe laces, velcro and close straps


  1. Place all clothing on hangers so that the hook forms a (?) question mark when looking at it.

  2. If you don't have pants hangers, secure pant to hanger with safety pins. 

  3. Max number of hangers bundled together is 3.

  4. Teen clothing/ ladies/ Men / Maternity all must be on clip pant hangers. ( not pinned) if you need pant hangers please reach out we maybe able to help.

Preparing non Clothing items

Each cosigner gets a max of 400 items per cosigner number 

Limit 25 items per gender 9 months and under 

  1. Must be clean. Warm soapy water, Clorox wipes, Magic Erasers

  2. Freshly launder all textiles. Tag, fold/ roll tie with a ribbon . Blankets, Crib sheets, Boppy covers, nursing pillows.

  3. Secure multi piece items together using zip ties, zip lock bags, or clear packing tape.

  4. Battery - operated items must have working batteries

  5. ALL electronic corded devices like Baby monitors etc WILL BE TESTED ! 

All Items must be free of rips, tears, or stains. Minor defects will be tagged with stickers marked "play clothing". Our intention is to inspect all clothing. This is no small task, but your worth it! ITEMS WITH MISSING TAGS WILL NOT BE SOLD.No handwritten tags /  or price changes will be allowed to be sold


Entering Inventory & Creating Item tags 

  1. Use our web- based software to enter items and create price tags

  2. REGISTER Online to SELL ! to begin entering inventory 

  3. Print tags on white cardstock paper. 8.5x 11 - Should be able to fit 8 per page 

  4. Choose the smallest number size to print on tag ( 6-9 months- select 6 mos. for example.

  5. Attach Tags to clothes on the RIGHT SIDE underarm seam or the garments tag.  You may use small safety pins or a fine tagging gun ( if you have a lot of pieces we find this it easier) NO PINS OR TAGGING GUNS THROUGH FABRIC OTHER THAN NOTED !!!  It will make a hole in clothes, making the item unsellable. 

  6. Multi piece items - RUBBER BAND THEM TOGETHER. DO NOT USE safety pins or the tagging guns to clip multiple pieces together through clothing. It should all be hung to hangers. 

Items not allowed :
Car seats - Must sign a carseat waiver, or be new 
STUFFED ANIMALS - UNLESS NEW,IN PACKAGE, or have retail tags on or have electronics

No broken toys 

No puzzles with missing pieces 

Bottles need to have nipples removed unless new in packages. 

items on the recall list

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