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Concierge Tagging service 

As a Concierge Consignor, we price & tag your items for the current pop up sale. Your items will be priced by consignment experts. If you have a particular price limit on items we need to be made aware at drop off. 

We are expecting demand to be high for this service and space is extremely limited!

  1. Register now for a seller spot

  2. Review Requirements

  3. Submit a Concierge Tagging service request 

  4. Your tagger will contact you to schedule a drop off appointment

  5. Shop Early, before we open to the public 

  6. Pick up your unsold items/ and or plastic storage boxes at your designated time

  7. Collect your $$$, a check will be mailed to you within 2 weeks of the event

Concierge Sellers

     40 % 

Of their proceeds. plus


Prepare your items for drop off 

You Deliver items to your tagger prepared according to the guidelines we have provided to all sellers.

Neatly packed in plastic tubs or closed cardboard boxes. Plastic tubs will be labeled with your name and stored for you to pick up at your designated time slot, along with any unsold items, Cardboard boxes will  be discarded. We will not accept items in a trash bag.

Before dropping your items off to your tagger: 

Check for stains, All clean items and within our guidelines 

All accepted items on our list

Multi-piece toys washed, sorted & bagged or taped

Clothing washed, hung, sorted by gender 

Clothing hung with sets together, fastened ( Snaps, zippers, buttons etc) 

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