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Volunteer Worker Bees 


THE SUCCESS OF OUR SALE DEPENDS ON OUR VOLUNTEERS. We rely on them to ensure that our sale runs smoothly and everything goes according to plan. OUR Volunteer Worker BEE'S get the best incentives too !! We hope you'll consider Volunteering for one or more shifts.

Please use the link below to sign up to be a Volunteer Worker Bee. The shifts are on a first come first serve basis, when you sign up right away you get the best shifts that fits YOUR schedule! You can register as a volunteer worker bee ONLY if you are already registered as a registered cosigner. The shifts get added under your seller account.


Volunteer Worker Bee Contract Basic information. 

Printable contract available when you sign up

* ALL Volunteer worker bees  must sign up for at least one sort shift in order to have any increase in your cosigner percentage 

*Barter shifts will ONLY count towards  early shopping hours. They will NOT count towards increase in percentages of sales for cosigners.

*No shopping or setting items aside to purchase is allowed until it is your designated shopping time.

*If you are working an end of event sort shift, you will be allowed to to take your own items at the end of your shift that have been sorted but your shift time needs to be spent sorting your items, we've designated first.

* wear comfortable clothing and footwear, an apron will be provided to help protect your clothing.

* we will have light snacks and drinks available for volunteers during their shift.

Barter Program 

    • Flyer Distribution/Signage – Here’s an opportunity for those who’d like to help, but whose schedule doesn’t work with our sale schedule! Approximately two weeks before our sale event, Team Members will distribute flyers and put up signage all across Southern Maine. We have several shifts available for distribution. We have opportunities in several towns & cities. Each shift will be approximately four hours, but doesn’t necessarily need to be consecutive.

If you’re interested in Flyer Distribution/Signage please email us at 

and we’ll work with you to get everything you need to get started!

BENEFITS of being a Volunteer worker bee :

* Bee's who sign up for 2 shifts or more get the very first dibs  to shop even before cosigners !  Bee's shop on Set up day Friday from 1-4 pm and will receive half of their cosigner registration fee with their end of sale payout.

*Bee's who sign up of 1 shift will be able to still shop before the public at 8am on Saturday, but will join presale ticket holders and Barter shift holders.

Cosigners will shop between 1-4pm on Friday followed by   presale ticket holders. But before the public at 10am 

Bee's who sign up for more than 4 shifts will receive 75% of their sales for regular cosigners and 45% for concierge cosigners. Be able to shop with a friend on set up night, and receive their full cosigner registration fee with their end of sale payout !! 

*anyone signing up for shifts and not showing up will not be allowed to sign up for volunteer worker bee shifts in the future. We are counting on you covering your shift. SHIFTS Must be fulfilled in order to receive any benefits. Including but not limited to higher precentages, refund of registration fee and being allowed to sign up for other sales as a volunteer worker bee. 

We understand emergencies happen but please let us prior to your shift if your unable to come. Only Volunteers who fulfill their shifts will receive the perks. 

ALL workers must sign in and out in order for us to accurately give the correct incentives to each person.

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